Investment Strategy

As part of its unique investment strategy, Leader aims to become a long term partner with a majority share in the companies in which it invests, to maintain a dedicated close relationship with company management and use its extensive strategic development capabilities and deep understanding of market needs to promote its partners’ business growth and aid them in maximizing their revenue potential.

Potential Partners

Leader focuses mainly on Israeli and Israeli-related companies from the industrial and services fields. Our ideal partners are mid-size companies from the industrial and services sectors, which can demonstrate a steady track record of revenues, positive cash flow and most importantly, a viable potential for growth and development within their field.

A significant advantage in collaborating with Leader is its unique ability and driving mission to establish long term partnerships with existing management, and become a key part of your business steady growth over the years.

Why Leader

Despite its market prominence and obvious stature, Leader maintains a relatively small portfolio, enabling us to provide personal, dedicated guidance and quick decision making abilities.

In addition to the further influx of capital for your company, by teaming with Leader you benefit from the substantial experience and expertise of Leader’s executive team who will work closely with you to help drive your business forward.

Leader Croatia
Camel Grinding Wheels Sarid Ltd. (CGW)
Finkelstein Metals Ltd